Villa Jolanda Prosecco Mini

Villa Jolanda Prosecco Mini


  • Villa Jolanda Prosecco is produced by Santero, a sparkling and still wine producer located in Piedmont, Italy.
  •  This is a 187ml sized mini bottle.
  • Villa Jolanda Prosecco is a sparkling wine with a brilliant straw-yellow color and fine and persistent perlage.

Varietal Composition: Sparkling white blend – Glera (min. 85%,). Chardonnay, Pinot, Verdisio, Perera, Bianchetta (max. 15% in total)

Elaboration: The sparkling process is carried out by using the “Charmat” long method. The grapes are picked manually and immediately pressed. The resulting must is filtered, refrigerated and fermented to create the base wine for the following sparkling process.

Tasting Notes: Villa Jolanda Prosecco is light straw yellow color with greenish hints. The nose is characteristic, aromatic, rich of flowers and fruit scents. The palate is fresh, persistent, and has a fruity taste.




Villa Jolanda is crafted by Santero, a sparkling and still wine producer located in Piedmont, Italy in the southwest province of Cuneo. The winery was founded by the Santero brothers in 1958 and renovated in 1977 to process fruit from its five estate-owned vineyards and over 300 local winegrowers. It is best known for its large export market, unique packaging, and expansive portfolio of sweet wines. The impressive and extremely modern winery covers an area of 25,000 square meters with a total storage of 120,000 hectoliters.

The Langhe and Monferrato, declared a UNESCO world heritage site, represent the area of origin of the white muscat grapes which are used in the production of the wine. The characteristics of this wine are their special aromas and sweetness.