Domaine Vincent Doucet

Vincent Doucet

The Vincent Doucet winery is located in Plessis, a hamlet in the village of Sury en Vaux, located within the township of Sancerre. It lies within France’s Loire Valley, 200 km south of Paris.

For four generations, the Doucet family has worked the farm while respecting the traditions of their ancestors from whom it had been passed down. In 1974, Maurice Doucet took over the estate with 40 acres of vines, cows, goats, and grain. At the time, the vines were still worked manually and by horse.

Over the years, vines were replanted and in 1996, a new cellar was built to increase efficiency and ensure the quality of the wines. The vines are planted on clay-limestone soils and white soils on slopes facing mainly south and southwest.

The vines are mainly weeded by hoeing. The treatments are minimal, precise, and monitored by technicians. Fertilization is with manure, rich in humus.

The estate’s Sancerre wines are entirely vinified in the cellar, from pressing to labeling. Slow fermentation allows the wine to retain the grapes’ aromas and liveliness.


Vincent Doucet Sancerre