VinH2O Dry Rosé Wine Spritzer


  • This Rosé spritzer is low in alcohol (7.5%), gluten free, has approximately half the calories (65 per 5 oz serving) of a regular glass of wine and is served up in recyclable glass bottles (BPA free).
  • Inspired by two savvy Women in Wine!

Varietal Composition: 100% Rosé

Elaboration: A simple blend of quality Rosé wine amped up with Sparkling Water. The texture of ther bubbles lets the wine shine. Perfect for any wine lover preferring lower calorie & alcohol without fruit flavors added. The wine is vegan friendly. There are no sugars, juices, or artificial flavors added.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing Citrus, Light Berry, Floral & Savory – Dry with crisp clean finish.




VINH2O is women-owned and based in Portland, Oregon. The fruit is sourced from a Columbia Valley, Washington, vineyard. The spritzer is a low alcohol (7.5% ABV) wine with just 65 calories per five-ounce serving (half the calories of regular wine). No sugars, juices, or flavors are added. It is marketed in 12-oz. recyclable glass bottles with a twist crown cap. The bubbles are crisp and frothy for a great mouthfeel, not aggressive as in a carbonated soda.

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