Brandborg Vineyard & Winery

Brandborg Vineyard & Winery

Many successful people are do-it-yourselfers. So it was with Terry and Sue Brandborg. They are self-taught winemakers who have accumulated many awards and accolades for their wine.

Once the couple realized their passion, they searched for a cool, coastal climate terroir that would produce harmonious, distinct wines. Elkton, Oregon, 36 miles from the Pacific, fit the bill.

Forty vintages ago, they began with five acres of pinot noir and now have 50 acres of vines. Their spectacular property rises to 1100 feet with a direct sightline to the Umpqua River and the Oregon coast range. The region enjoys a very long, frost-free growing season, with cool temperate conditions lasting until late fall. The average high temperature is only 83F. All this results in grapes that can hang on the vine longer, developing truly complex flavors.

Brandborg Vineyard & Winery grows and produces distinct, elegant pinot noir and Alsace-inspired white wines with pure varietal expression. A stubborn focus on detail and a hands-on approach has resulted in harmonious wines made for the table, praised by customers and critics alike.


Brandborg Coastal Cuvee White Blend

Brandborg Coastal Cuvee White Blend

Brandborg Fleur de Lis

Brandborg Fleur de Lis


Brandborg Pinot Gris

Brandborg Scarlet Cuvee Rose

Brandborg Scarlet Cuvee Rosé

Brandborg Riesling

Brandborg Elkton Riesling

Brandborg Pinot Noir Love Puppets

Brandborg “Love Puppets” Pinot Noir

Brandborg Pinot Noir Bench Lands

Brandborg “Bench Lands” Pinot Noir

Brandborg Gewurztraminer

Brandborg Gewurztraminer