Chateau La Coste

Château La Coste

Château La Coste – The name conjures up fine reds, complex whites, floral and fruity pinks, and expressive sparkling wines, but that is far from all to be found at this intersection of organically grown wine. There’s art, architecture, food, hospitality, and scenic beauty. This unique wine estate is located just outside Aix-en-Provence and celebrates the best of life as experienced through all the senses.

First, the winery. Château La Coste produces organic wines from Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence and IGP Portes de Méditerranée. Covering some 200 hectares, the estate boasts a wine-making tradition dating back to Roman times, in a remarkable setting featuring vineyards, cypresses, stone pines, olive trees, and oaks.

Inspired by the exceptional terroir, Château La Coste uses organic processes and applies biodynamic principles, prioritizing quality over quantity. In 2009, Château La Coste’s wines were given the “Organic Farming” label, which acknowledges the estate’s respect for the land and for practicing farming methods in perfect harmony with nature.

Varietal blending takes place in a state-of-the-art vat room, equipped to bring out the fruit’s natural flavors and aromas. The cellar provides optimal conditions for producing wines that convey the subtleties of the terroir of Provence.

In addition to fabulous wine, Château La Coste offers guests an abundance of experiences, including a luxury hotel, a variety of restaurants, and an internationally renowned center for contemporary art and architecture, all sited in the scenic beauty that is Provence. Whether in person or online, you can view temporary or permanent exhibits by artists and architects as diverse as Tadao Ando, Jean Nouvel, Bob Dylan, Alexander Calder, Paul Matisse, Frank O. Gehry, Louise Bourgeois, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Richard Serra, and more.


Chateau La Coste Les Pentes Douces Blanc

Château La Coste Les Pentes Douces Blanc

Chateau La Coste Grand Vin Blanc

Château La Coste Grand Vin Blanc

Chateau La Coste Le Blanc

Château La Coste Le Blanc

Chateau La Coste Chateau Rose

Château La Coste Château Rosé

Chateau La Coste Grand Vin Rose

Chateau La Coste Grand Vin Rosé

Chateau La Coste Rose D'Une Nuit

Château La Coste Rosé D’une Nuit

Chateau La Coste Lady A

Château La Coste Lady A

Chateau La Coste La Bulle

Château La Coste La Bulle Sparkling Rosé

Chateau La Coste Lisa Rose

Château La Coste Lisa Rosé

Chateau La Coste Rose D'Une Nuit Casher

Château La Coste Rosé D’Une Nuit Casher

Chateau La Coste Grand Vin Rouge

Château La Coste Grand Vin Rouge

Chateau La Coste Cuvee Rouge

Château La Coste Cuvee Rouge

Château La Coste Les Pentes Douces Rouge

Château La Coste Les Pentes Douces Rouge

Chateau La Coste Le Rouge

Château La Coste Le Rouge