La Ferme Rouge_Le Blanc

La Ferme Rouge Le Blanc Kosher


  • The vineyards are located in the AOG Zaër region of Morocco.
  • AOG Zaër is highly praised among the great historical wine regions of Morocco for many reasons. It’s positioned about 45 km from the Atlantic Ocean, bordered on the west by the valleys of Wadi Korifla, on the south by the foothills of the Middle Atlas, and vines are grown on ancient sand, red clay along with limestone and shale soils; creating wines of structure and intense minerality.

Varietal Composition: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Elaboration: The Sauvignon Blanc is hand harvested and direct pressed. Fermentation occurs spontaneously with native yeast in temperature controlled concrete vats. The wine has been blessed by a Rabbi in Casablanca.

Tasting Notes: The pale yellow robe sparkles with golden highlights. Its pure and elegant nose revolves around a ripe Sauvignon, characterized by white fruit aromas and enhanced with aromatic and floral notes. The palate is intense and complex. Flavor intensity and persistence characterize “Le Blanc Kosher”, combining elegance and distinction.




La Ferme Rouge’s history is intimately coupled with Morocco’s contemporary wine history. Originally created in 1908, La Ferme Rouge (The Red Farm) became a full winemaking facility in 1933 under French influence, with the building of a cellar and the production of its first vintage. In an effort to modernize the farm and improve the quality of the wines, extensive work took place in 1998, including renovation of the cellars around the existing concrete vats, addition of composts rich in organic matter to revive the soil, elimination of untimely plowing to bring back microfauna to the vineyards, revival of old plots, planting of new grape varieties suited to the soil and climate, and creation of basins to retain the rainwaters. But it’s only in 2009 that the old estate was brought back to life by Jacques Poulain. Originally from Bordeaux, Jacques was the head winemaker at Domaine Ouled Thaleb, and he previously worked at Celliers de Meknes.

La Ferme Rouge enjoys a unique location at the heart of the Zaërs region, highly praised among the great historical wine regions of Morocco. Positioned about 45 km from the ocean, bordered on the west by the valleys of Wadi Korifla and on the south by the foothills of the Middle Atlas, La Ferme Rouge rises in a succession of hills at 450 meters above sea level and enjoys a strong Atlantic influence all year round. From the rich Merchouch platter clays, to the filtrating “Tirs” slopes of the Rommani region, through the “Hamris” Had Brachoua valleys, this continuous 300 hectare vine estate enjoys a rich and exceptional soil: ancient sands, red clay at 30 -70 cm from the soil, clay ferric on clay-limestone subsoil and shale. A great terroir and many elements conferring the finesse,

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