Robertson Winery Sweet Rose

Robertson Winery Natural Sweet Rosé


  • Bottled in a unique bottle only used by Robertson Winery.
  • The Natural Sweet Rosé has a low alcohol content and is created to drink chilled or with ice.

Varietal Composition: Indigenous Varietals

Elaboration: The Natural Sweet Range is made in its very own unique way by blending varietals to showcase fruity and fresh, floral flavors. This process leads to wine packed with natural sweet flavors that are low in alcohol and very quaffable. Serve well chilled. Grapes were harvested at an early stage to ensure low alcohol.

Tasting Notes:  Deep coral pink color, packed with delicious sweet berry flavors.




The Robertson Winery was established in 1941. Today, more than 35 families represent the seventh generation of grape growers providing high-quality fruit to the winery. At Robertson Winery, winemaking is a hands-on natural process, a collaborative relationship between the soil, water, elements, farmers, winemakers, and many others that creates award-winning wine. The best grapes are picked at the right time, pressed, fermented, and blended resulting in award-winning wines you can’t help but want to share.

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