Teho Jaha


It can be said that Mendoza is at the heart of Paraje Altamira, one of Argentina’s top wine-growing regions. And the intense red wines that spring from the Uco Valley (Valle de Uco) are the earth’s blood. In fact, in Mendoza’s native Huarpe language, Zaha means “Heart” and TeHo means “Blood of the Earth.”

It is here that winemakers Alejandro “Colo” Sejanovich and Jeff Mausbach produce vibrant, intense wines with dark fruit and floral characters. In 2017, Decanter Magazine named Sejanovich one of the top five winemakers in South America.

“We strive to produce limited production wines which reflect the character of our two small single-vineyard estate properies,” says Jeff Mausbach. “The wines of Teho and Zaha represent a search for complexity and balance.”

Closer to Santiago, Chile, than to Buenos Aires, Paraje Altamira is situated at 4,000 feet with a microclimate of hot, sunny days and cool nights perfect for producing world-class Malbecs. Additionally, Teho and Zaha produces Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon wines of distinction.


ZAHA Chardonnay

JAHA Chardonnay

TeHo Malbec

TEHO Malbec

Zaha ElCorte

ZAHA El Corte

Zaha Malbec

ZAHA Malbec

Zaha Cabernet Franc

ZAHA Cabernet Franc

Zaha Cabernet Franc

ZAHA Cabernet Sauvignon